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RnBPlayer Pro

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** Limited time introductory offer **The newest in HipHop & RnB music, updated daily!With monthly BestOfs and Daily playlists for your every need. Stream on the go or download to your device.
Pro: Download to SD for offline use in your favorite music player!
Pro: No Ads!
High-quality MP3 streams
Up-to-date playlists from
Simply slide your finger to go to the next or previous track
Playlists are cached on the device to reduce data traffic
Automatic skip of tracks that are down
Supports media buttons to play/pause/skip tracks
Playback controls in statusbar (like Google Play Music)
Supported devicesWe have found that from Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) most devices are supported as Google has updated how audio streams are handled and codec support has become much better.Older devices are somewhat at their manufacturers mercy and how they have implemented the codec support, especially Motorola phones seem to cause problems. Still, to support as many devices as possible we have added alternative methods of streaming, which you can try out in the settings (Compatibility mode and local proxy mode). If your streaming works fine, please do not enable these options.Please let us know about any problems via eMail (we cant respond to comments here in the Play store, unfortunately) and we will do our best to support your device!
FAQWhere do all those songs come from?All playlists come from which is a great site for everything HipHop, RnB and House/Electro. Visit them and like their Facebook page. The songs are hosted with various hosting companies. RnB4u only provides links to them.
Why are some songs down?If a song is down, this is indicated by a red dot next to the track in the playlist. The older the playlist the more offline tracks you will find. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that.
Some songs load fast, others take forever. Why?The songs are hosted with a great number of different hosting companies. Most of them offer great speed, others dont. But you can always download it to your device with the Pro version. Also, we recommend using WiFi whenever possible.
Free: Those ads are so annoying. How can I get rid of them?We display ads in the free version only. You can upgrade to the Pro version for a small price which will disable all ads and give you additional features, like downloading the tracks to your SD card for offline use.
Pro: I downloaded a few tracks. Now I cant find them.All downloads go to "sdcard/RnBPlayer". Usually, all media players will find them. Some devices require a restart to update the media index.
The playback controls in the statusbar dont work.This feature is officially supported from Android 3.0 and onwards. Some manufacturers have already added this in Android 2.2 though.